Privacy Policy - ETAMANGA


The privacy policy describes how we deal with your information that comes to us in any form. and its subsidiaries only act as a data controller of all the personal information that you share or post on the website.


1. Collection

Anyone using E-TAMANGA should be well aware that the information they are posting in any form will be available publicly and will be stored in our servers. You are giving us authorization for transfer and storage of your information. We collect and store the following personal information:


·         Physical contact info, email addresses and financial info (if applicable).


·         Sign on data, statistics on page views (All through cookies if enabled).


·         IP info, standard web login info and other info.


2. Use

We use user’s information for:


·         Providing our services.


·         Resolving disputes.


·         Collection services when required.


·         Troubleshoot issues.


·         Sending marketing and promotional offers.


·         Informing about any updates.


·         Encouraging safe trading.


·         Enforcing our policies.


·         Customizing user’s experience.



3. Disclosure


We hereby declare that:


·         All information collected by E-TAMANGA is strictly confidential and E-TAMANGA will not share it with any other organisation whosoever.


·         We shall not sell or rent any user’s personal information to any agencies or third parties without prior consent of the concerned user.


·         We may have to disclose some information to governmental or law enforcing agencies or our regulators but that may happen under proper authority.


·         In case of any fraudulent transactions on an account, E-TAMANGA has the right to use information stored for judicial investigation purposes.


·         We may disclose information to our corporate affiliates who help us in case of illegal acts and also provide joint services.




4. Using Information from E-TAMANGA


You can use any information posted on E-TAMANGA that is in context to a posting only to follow up with another user. You are not authorised to send spam or phishing messages or collect user information without consent.



5. Access, Modification and Deletion


Every user is authorised to access, modify and delete any information that is irrelevant to him/her in terms of posting, advertisement or any other form. We delete all the information that is no longer needed for any correspondence. We store information only in cases where it is needed for some legal or disputed matters.



6. Data Security


We use different encoding techniques and encryption algorithms to protect users’ information in order to maintain integrity and security against unauthorised access. We try to enforce the best in class security mechanisms but this does not ensure or warrant the security of any information. All transferred information is at your own risk.


7. General


 We may update, change or modify any of these policies any time. If there are any changes or modifications done, you will be notified by a post or via email. All the changes would take effect from the day you make the next posting or number of days mentioned in the notification, whichever is sooner.